A bus with passengers overturned in Turkey, one person died

Yeni Şafak: One person killed and fifteen injured in a bus accident in Tokat, Turkey

Fifteen people were injured in a bus accident in Tokat, Turkey, and the driver was killed on the spot, the newspaper Yeni Şafak reported on Wednesday.

The accident reportedly happened around 05:30 (coinciding with Moscow time) in Kızılınış on the Tokat-Sivas highway.

“A passenger bus traveling from Van to Samsun went out of control and overturned on a slippery road due to snowfall in the region,” the newspaper reported.

The bus driver died on the spot and 15 people were injured in the accident, four of them seriously.

“After being notified, medical, fire and AFAD (rescue) teams were dispatched to the area. The wounded were taken to hospitals in the city by ambulances…,” the newspaper specified.

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